How to Access the Dark Web

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If you’re curious about what lurks under the hood of the internet, navigating the dark web isn’t difficult but it’s without its risks. Think of it as walking into a town with a few back alleys: It’s easy enough to explore, but taking the wrong route could land you in trouble.

The dark web is an edifice of criminal activity, including the black-hat hacker, drug dealing and terrorists. It’s also a gathering place for those who aren’t a part of society including hitmen, human traffickers, and corrupt officials. The dark web isn’t only bad. It also serves as a channel between political outcasts and people from the rest of the world. It permits whistleblowers to anonymously report tips.

Tor is a specific browser that allows you to access the dark web. It works a bit like a VPN that encrypts your requests and wiping out geo-location tags that your ISP or the government could use to track you. Tor also improves your privacy by routing your request through a network of volunteers servers all over the world.

After installing and configuring Tor Once you’ve installed and configured Tor, you’re able to begin browsing the dark web. Content isn’t as well-indexed as it is on the surface web, but there are still many sites worth checking out. You’ll find websites where you can buy illegal firearms and drugs as well as guides on how to hide your digital footprint and launch ransomware attacks.

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